Breaking Porcelaine

My Exploratory Journey Through Creative Recovery........................ baby steps

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I am going to have some lovely chairs in this shop soon!
Amy of Doobleh-vay is going to be spotlighting some of my work!
check it out for my chairs

Amy come sit on my wall

................and read me the story of all. You must listen to the song - #6 .

Friday, April 4, 2008

Ahhh.... vintage w/ purpose AND meaning

The most function my "vintage finds" have, if any, are either "to furnish, or "store". Most of them just like to stand, sit, or hang around looking pretty. But ,today I resurrected my grandmother's sassy little Sunbeam Mixer, for the first time, to make birthday cupcakes for my mother's 60th. ( from the mid-50's my guess ) It was a special moment as I stood in the kitchen watching my own child lick the Duncan Hines batter, as I'm sure my father once did, from the over-sized beaters. It was Lovely.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Accepting that the TO-DO LIST never gets smaller....

I've been having trouble accepting this for sometime now, especially since starting a family. there's a difference between "knowing" something and "accepting" it. No matter how many nifty lil' TO DO lists I have lying around the house and think I'm going to get rid of someday - they inevitably just keep growing. I'm the type of person who probably has way too many more of these lists then your average " joe - momma". I think it's that I don't trust my memory, I quess? My theory: too much "mommy multi-tasking" clouds the brain, especially for the perfectionist. Either that, or, too many "altering state" substances that were put into my body in the pre-mommy days. Anyway - I decided I'm going to let go of some of these lists, ones thst really aren't important and decide to live a bit more "organically" ( as "auntie M" would say), going w/ the flow, living more in the moment instead of spending ALL my time writing these lists. The essential lists I do keep - I will embrace as they are just a part of my life and of who I am :-)

Momma discovery: I'm trying to introduce some new, more exotic fruit to my toddlers palette but, have discovered the KIWI he thinks to be a bit too strong ( I know this by how he opens his mouth and lets it roll off his tongue, down to the floor ) A good solution I found was to puree the fruit and add to plain or vanilla yogurt ( a good staple to aways have in the fridge )

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ahhh........ I "heart" The Container Store.

I hadn't physically stepped into one of these stores since Chicago - '97-ish ( where I bought my 1st great hat box container) I think I journeyed there in cyberspace a few times since, but ahhhh.........................the physical experience!!! I challengely took along my 18 mo. old in the stroller who's funky frog boots kept falling off, running under the wheels as I gleefully tryed to zoom and take-in the product lines of the whole store in under 30 minutes. (I should've had someone take a pic here - hilarious ! ) Anyhoo.......... I proudly walked out, after feeling as if I'd run a marathon, w/ one of these sassy gems. ( mine is charcoal/silver ) CHECK IT OUT - a random , lucky find I must say - I'm just trying to find time here to lovingly transfer everything into it from my four other bags here this am before scooter awakes!