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Monday, March 31, 2008

Accepting that the TO-DO LIST never gets smaller....

I've been having trouble accepting this for sometime now, especially since starting a family. there's a difference between "knowing" something and "accepting" it. No matter how many nifty lil' TO DO lists I have lying around the house and think I'm going to get rid of someday - they inevitably just keep growing. I'm the type of person who probably has way too many more of these lists then your average " joe - momma". I think it's that I don't trust my memory, I quess? My theory: too much "mommy multi-tasking" clouds the brain, especially for the perfectionist. Either that, or, too many "altering state" substances that were put into my body in the pre-mommy days. Anyway - I decided I'm going to let go of some of these lists, ones thst really aren't important and decide to live a bit more "organically" ( as "auntie M" would say), going w/ the flow, living more in the moment instead of spending ALL my time writing these lists. The essential lists I do keep - I will embrace as they are just a part of my life and of who I am :-)

Momma discovery: I'm trying to introduce some new, more exotic fruit to my toddlers palette but, have discovered the KIWI he thinks to be a bit too strong ( I know this by how he opens his mouth and lets it roll off his tongue, down to the floor ) A good solution I found was to puree the fruit and add to plain or vanilla yogurt ( a good staple to aways have in the fridge )

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