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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Recycled Toys are the Best ....... especially when they're wood!!!!!!!!

Wow - we sure have benefited from a good ol' sassy/hip/friend/momma in her passing along this little "gem" made by Parents, sold at Target dated 4 yrs. or so ago and has sat collecting dust on her 3rd floor - I'm sure, untouched for a good 2 yrs. ( sometimes procrastination is a good thing! - Thanks Meg! ) I can see it's going to be hours of fun for my lil' guy and isn't such a big plastic eye sore in our very small living space either - - Kudoos! Here are some other great recycled wood toys I claimed at a resale store here for just a couple dollars ea. - much more satisfying then laying down a couple of 20's at the local retailer ( unless it's a local hand-made item of course! )

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