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Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

It's a good time to reflect, relate, and meditate. I think too many people take this remembrance day too lightly. I picked up a book by Joyce Meyers today and it was exactly want I needed to hear at exactly the right time : We are not an accident;and if we will give Him the opportunity, He will restore everything that has been damaged and help us be someone even we can be delighted to be. EGO thrives on competition and striving to be first, but what is the point of competition? What does it get you? Not contentment. Not Joy. That means many things to me right now. And I will take time to meditate on it today.

On a lighter note, I need to start showing off some of my "gems" from my weekend of thrifting and salvaging down in Appalachian country - Here's a sneak peek ( an old chair w/ flour sac upholstered seat- scrumptios diy "ditty") I will reveal more later this week/month.

My "matey" here had his cake and ate it too at his friend's pirate b-day affair this past week - Let the Baby Birthday Party season Begin!!!!!!!!!!!

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